Downtown's Music Scene

From free concerts on the plaza to renowned singers on stage at Bass Hall, you’ll find great music in Sundance Square. Enjoy rock, country, jazz, pop, classical … just name your style, and you’ll discover a hot nightspot in downtown Fort Worth where you can hear your favorite bands and dance the night away.

Bass Performance Hall

The Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall complex is the crown jewel of a city which boasts the nation's third largest cultural district. It is also an important symbol of one of the most successful downtown revitalization efforts in the country.

Flying Saucer

One of the 12 best bars in America!

McDavid Studio

McDavid Studio has become one of the downtown Fort Worth scene's favorite nighttime hot spots.

Scat Jazz Lounge

JAZZ IS BACK! Come visit the popular cabaret/jazz club in the historic Woolworth Building with a prime underground/basement location on Fourth Street.

Sundance Square Plaza

The centerpiece of downtown Fort Worth is the home of Sundance Square Plaza

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